World Quantum Day

IQUIST celebrated World Quantum Day on Saturday, April 13, 2024 with campus community members and the public. 

Public community members of all ages enjoy activities at the launch of the first public quantum network.

Quantum science has led to the development of revolutionary technologies such as LED lights, MRI scanners, solar panels, lasers and the atomic clock, which is essential for GPS. World Quantum Day is an opportunity for the public to get to know the quantum scientists, who will share knowledge and inspire the next wave of quantum discoveries, from quantum computing to sensing and communication. The possibilities are limitless!

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Watch: The Quantum Physics of an Ordinary Saturday Morning

In this talk, Chad Orzel, a professor at Union College, describes how quantum physics manifests in the kind of situations you regularly encounter in the course of getting up and getting ready to face the day. From the alarm clock that gets you out of bed, to the heating element in your toaster, to the computer you use to check social media and the telecommunications lines carrying the Internet, everything you do is rooted in quantum physics. 

More Experiences

Interpretative dancers.

Quantum at Krannert

5 p.m. | April 19, 2024

Join us for the launch of CASCaDe as we perform a fragment from Quantum Voyages: an adventure tale, present a spread of creative student work from the course Where the Arts Meets Physics, connect through a many-body Quantum Entango and contemplate the Universe together.

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LabEscape logo in front of a science demo


World-renowned quantum physicist Professor Schrödenberg desperately needs your help! Search her lab and solve puzzles to reveal clues and complete your mission! While all the puzzles involve physics phenomena, no prior background is assumed. Use code WQD2024 for free admission; valid April 13-14 only. 

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QuanTime logo


QuanTime offers fun educational activities to introduce middle and high school students to quantum information science. Both online and hands-on activities are available, and no teacher expertise in quantum science is required.

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