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Agrawal, S., Paladugu, S. N. M., & Gadway, B. (2024). Two-Dimensional Momentum State Lattices. PRX Quantum, 5(1), Article 010310.

Aishwarya, A., May-Mann, J., Almoalem, A., Ran, S., Saha, S. R., Paglione, J., Butch, N. P., Fradkin, E., & Madhavan, V. (Accepted/In press). Melting of the charge density wave by generation of pairs of topological defects in UTe2. Nature Physics.

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Kwiat, P. (2024). Quantum-Enhanced Clock Synchronization: It’s about time. In ION 2024 International Technical Meeting Proceedings (Proceedings of the International Technical Meeting of The Institute of Navigation, ITM; Vol. 2024-January). Institute of Navigation.

Lin, K. S., Palumbo, G., Guo, Z., Hwang, Y., Blackburn, J., Shoemaker, D. P., Mahmood, F., Wang, Z., Fiete, G. A., Wieder, B. J., & Bradlyn, B. (2024). Spin-resolved topology and partial axion angles in three-dimensional insulators. Nature communications, 15(1), Article 550.


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