IQUIST is building partnerships across academia, government, and industry. 

University of Illinois has a vibrant research enterprise, with leading scientists working across quantum information science in the disciplines of physics, computer science, electrical and computer engineering, mechanical engineering, materials science, and math. IQUIST is a core member of the Chicago Quantum Exchange, an expansive intellectual network spanning academia, industry and government that is collaborating to overcome challenges in quantum information science.  To advance the development of QIS technology, we are forging partnerships with companies and national labs, which will enable us to leverage complementary hardware and software capabilities, expertise, and educational opportunities.

In addition to dozens of research projects and programs, we are building a quantum testbed facility dedicated to hybrid quantum architectures. This unique laboratory will enable researchers to collaboratively advance multi-node, multi-qubit distributed quantum processors and net­works—key components of a future quantum internet and large-scale quantum computers. We anticipate that this facility will incubate technology solutions that can be translated to a larger user facility.

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