Elizabeth Goldschmidt: creating quantum memories

Researchers such as Elizabeth Goldschmidt, an assistant professor at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, are developing all manner of maneuvers for managing photons as quantum carriers of information.

UIUC researchers to develop new interconnects as important step in enabling quantum networks

Researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign were awarded a grant to begin developing interconnects that, if successful, could serve as linkages in a network of quantum processors and other elements. 

QUIST Members Mason and Lorenz receive NSF award to strengthen pathways of underrepresented young researchers into materials science careers

Under new seed funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF), UIUC’s Illinois Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (I-MRSEC) will partner with two other universities to provide undergraduates from underrepresented groups with robust pathways towards graduate study and eventual careers in materials science.

New photonic chip for isolating light may be key to miniaturizing quantum devices

Light plays a critical role in enabling 21st century quantum information applications. Limited by size, engineers need to miniaturize quantum devices, which requires re-thinking certain components for harnessing light. IQUIST members have designed a simple, compact photonic circuit that uses sound waves to rein in light. The team’s measurements show that their approach to isolation currently outperforms all previous on-chip alternatives and is optimized for compatibility with atom-based sensors.

The Illinois Quantum Information Science and Technology Center (IQUIST) brings together physicists, engineers, computer scientists, and mathematicians to advance quantum information science and train a quantum-ready workforce. The center is a core member of the Chicago Quantum Exchange and is accelerating innovation through partnerships spanning academia, government, and industry.

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IQUIST is forging partnerships across academia, government and industry. 

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