Below you will find a brief overview of QSQM Junior Investigator Activities

Research Symposia for Junior and Senior Investigators

Research Symposium will include short talks by a senior and a junior investigator on a particular topic, followed by discussion with all other investigators in the room. It will be held in mixed Zoom and in person format in a classroom on the UIUC campus equipped with multimedia to enable virtual participation.

The goal is to increase junior and senior researcher interactions across thrusts on different areas of research within the Center and create more networking opportunities. Prof. Vidya Madhavan of UIUC serves as the faculty liaison and will work with other PI's and staff at center to help coordinate these events. 

Career Development Series for Junior Investigators

A Career Development series will commence in the summer of 2021 for junior investigators to meet professionals, including alumni of the groups involved, who will share stories of their different career paths. A few speakers have accepted the invitation and the center is reaching out to others. The frequency of events is targeted at about once in two months. 

The first event is expected to be held virtually in June of 2021. 

Research Hour 

The QSQM runs a gathering of junior investigators (students/postdocs) every two months to share and discuss their research activities (techniques, instrumentation, results, etc.). The kickoff was held in February 2021 as a “meet and greet” virtual event. A second virtual event was held in April 2021 where Dr. Michael Schüler, a postdoctoral research fellow in Devereaux’s group at SLAC, presented his research on the theory of advanced spectroscopies and control of quantum materials. 

Dr. Nabhanila Nandi, a postdoctoral scholar in Moler’s group at SLAC has taken leadership in coordinating the events for junior investigators with help from staff at the center.