Seminars and Activities at EFRC QSQM

Research Symposia

The Research Symposium includes two short talks by investigators followed by discussion among members of the EFRC, and broader audience. It is held every month in a hybrid mode with audience present in rooms, both at UIUC and SLAC. 

The goal of research symposia is to stimulate synergy across the thrusts with speakers highlighting progress in materials and instrumentation. The discussion fosters collaboration among EFRC members.

See calendar for details.

Junior Research Hour 

The Junior Research Hour includes a mix of research talks by students and postdocs, and career panels with speakers from academia, industry, and national labs. 

It is held in a virtual mode once every quarter. The goal of Junior Research Hour is to provide students and postdocs an opportunity to network and learn about different career paths from early professionals.  

See calendar for details.