Public Quantum Network

Public Quantum Network

Where everyone can 
play with quantum particles.
Come explore with us!

Quantum science has come to the neighborhood!

When scientists begin to see how nature works at the most fundamental levels, they are able to revolutionize the world. From MRI machines to GPS to the insides of your phone, quantum science is hard at work. It's time for people of all ages to have access to this scientific frontier in real time, and imagine new possibilities for the 21st century. That’s why the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign has partnered with The Urbana Free Library and the local nonprofit Urbana-Champaign Big Broadband (UC2B) to make real quantum connections over optical fiber.

The first node of the Public Quantum Network was launched on November 4, 2023, and a permanent interaction point for the public is now installed at The Urbana Free Library, where you can make measurements on quantum particles. See for yourself how quantum particles can "affect" each other no matter the distance between them, by doing the experiment for which the Nobel Prize in physics was awarded in 2022. A video describing the quantum connection is below.

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PQN status updates

  • The measurement stage of the installation is up and running!

Public Quantum Network:
The First Node

Animation depicting the path of a photon across the first node of the
Public Quantum Network.

The Public Quantum Network is a collaboration between the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and the UC2B broadband network. The first node of the network will be installed in The Urbana Free Library on November 4, 2023.


UC2B envisions a community where every person has equal access to technology and support that enables participation in employment, education and social activities without barriers.

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The Urbana Free Library

The Library offers free access to computer workstations as part of its mission to serve the informational, educational, and recreational needs of library users.

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The creation of the Urbana Free Library quantum node is supported by NSF Quantum Leap Challenge Institute HQAN.
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