Wolfgang Pfaff

Wolfgang Pfaff

Wolfgang Pfaff

Physics Department

Assistant Professor

204 Materials Research Laboratory
104 S. Goodwin Ave.
Urbana, IL 61801

phone: (217) 300-8256
email: wpfaff@illinois.edu

We are interested in how quantum states can be protected and distributed in open systems. We explore how couplings between quantum objects (such as qubits) as well as couplings to the environment can be controlled to stabilize quantum states or render them insensitive to decoherence. We investigate these topics predominantly using the circuit QED platform, which provides a rich playground for tailoring couplings between qubits and microwave photons.

In addition, we are interested in realizing couplings between microwave circuits and other degrees of freedom that could provide new ways to store or process quantum information, in particular solid-state spins and magnons.

Pfaff Research Group

Research Areas 

  • Quantum Communication and Networking
  • Quantum Computing Experiment
  • Quantum Error Correction

Research Expertise

  • Superconducting quantum devices
  • Hybrid quantum devices
  • Quantum networks and modular quantum computing