Prashant Jain

Prashant Jain

Prashant Jain

Chemistry Department


600 South Mathews Avenue
Urbana, IL 61801
phone: (217) 333-3417

 K. Jain is a physical chemist working in the area of nanoscale light–matter interactions. He is particularly interested in the design of quantum-dot-based single-photon sources, single-nanoparticle-level spectroscopy for the characterization of nanoscale light emitters, plasmonic control of light absorption and emission, and the synthesis of inorganic nanostructures that host functional defects or non-natural crystallographic phases.

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Research Areas/Expertise:
artificial photosynthesis; super-resolution imaging of active sites in heterogeneous catalysis; novel condensed matter phases and phenomena in nanostructured solids; plasmonic manipulation of photophysics and photochemistry; nanoplasmonics and nano-optics; imaging phase transformations in single nanodomains