Kent Choquette

Kent Choquette

Kent Choquette

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department


3108 Micro and Nanotechnology Lab
208 N. Wright St.
Urbana, IL 61801

phone: (217) 265-0563
The Photonic device research group is involved in the study of semiconductor photonic and optoelectronic device physics, fabrication technologies, and systems with a strong emphasis on vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs). Photonic devices are key components for the infrastructure of the Information Age. Active devices, such as VCSELs, are the foundation for short and soon medium length optical fiber based interconnect applications. Currently, there are research efforts to develop new VCSEL devices, such as composite resonator VCSELs and vertical cavity photonic integrated circuits, as well as to establish new VCSEL applications, such as 2-dimensional source and receiver arrays for high aggregate rate interconnects. Group research into new compound semiconductor processing technologies, such as selective oxidation and heterogeneous integration techniques is also pursued. Finally, the next generation of photonic devices, such as photonic crystal membrane lasers, waveguides and nanocavities, which will enable the next generation of quantum optic communication networks, as well as opto-fluidic microsystems for lab-on-the-chip sensing and health care are under study.
Research Areas/Expertise:
  • High bandwidth communication systems
  • Quantum nanostructures for electronics and photonics
  • Quantum optics, cryptography, information, and computing