Felix Leditzky

Felix Leditzky

Felix Leditzky

Math Department

Assistant Professor
Science Advisory Board Member

39 Computing Applications Building
605 E Springfield Ave., M/C 382
Champaign, IL 61820

email: leditzky@illinois.edu

Felix Leditzky's research focuses on mathematical and computational aspects of quantum information theory, in particular topics in quantum communication and quantum information processing. This subfield is sometimes referred to as "quantum Shannon theory" in analogy to classical Shannon theory (viz. information theory), pioneered by Claude Shannon in his landmark paper of 1948. 

Research Interests/Expertise:

  • Quantum channels and their various capacities
  • Additivity problems
  • Multipartite entanglement
  • Stabilizer formalism, in particular graph states
  • Teleportation protocols
  • Entropic quantities and their properties
  • Second order asymptotics
  • Classical and quantum network information theory