David G. Cahill

David G. Cahill

David G. Cahill

Materials Science and Engineering Department

Willett Professor
Science Advisory Board Member

1022 Superconductivity Center
104 S. Goodwin Ave., M/C 230
Urbana, IL 61801

phone: (217) 333-6753
e-mail: d-cahill@illinois.edu

David Cahill studies the thermodynamics, transport, and interactions between phonons, electrons, and spin waves in materials. He uses ultrafast experimental techniques to probe the fundamental time-scales of scattering processes that control coherence and the conduction of thermal excitations.

Cahill Research Group

Research Areas:

  • Quantum Metrology and Sensing
  • Quantum Materials for Quantum Computing

Research Expertise:

  • Quantum sensing with color centers
  • Coherent phonons
  • Spin-wave dynamics and dissipation