Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson

Materials Science and Engineering Department

Assistant Professor

212 Materials Research Laboratory
104 S. Goodwin Ave.
Urbana, IL 61801


The Anderson lab combines materials science, applied physics, and electrical engineering to manipulate and generate photons with solid-state materials. Such light is key for scaling modular quantum computers, boosting quantum sensing, and distributing entanglement over long distances for quantum communications. Our group is interested in enabling these applications by using wafer-scalable semiconductor spin qubits to form quantum repeaters with photonic devices, and by harnessing materials near quantum phase transitions to make giant optical nonlinearities. The Anderson lab also broadly works to discover new materials and techniques that tackle outstanding hurdles in making useful quantum technology.

Anderson Research Group

Research Expertise:

  • Solid-state spin qubits
  • Photonics and nonlinear optics
  • Materials for quantum science and engineering