Alexey Bezryadin

Alexey Bezryadin

Alexey Bezryadin

Physics Department


1016 Superconductivity Center
104 S Goodwin Ave
M/C 704
Urbana, IL 61801

phone: (217) 333-9580

Alexey Berzryadin and his group conduct research on novel superconducting qubits, such as topologically protected Majorana qubits, nanowire-based qubits, and molecular qubits. Interests include transduction and storage of quantum information as well as short and long-range coupling between qubits based on different physical mechanisms.

Bezryadin Research Group Website

Superconductor and topological materials and devices, qubit dephasing by vortices, superconducting memory devices, Majorana fermions

Device fabrication; cryogenic low noise electronic transport measurements; qubit quantum-coherent measurements