Dale Van Harlingen

Dale Van Harlingen

Dale Van Harlingen

Physics Department


211 Loomis Laboratory
1110 W. Green
M/C 704
Urbana, IL 61801

phone: (217) 333-3760
e-mail: dvh@illinois.edu

Topics of particular interest to Professor Van Harlingen are non-equilibrium superconductivity; superconductor device physics; superconductor materials, including classic, high Tc, and heavy fermion superconductors; microfabrication and nanofabrication techniques; mesoscopic physics; scanning tunneling microscopy and scanning SQUID microscopy; and phase coherence and vortex dynamics in superconductor systems.

Van Harlingen Research Group

Superconductor and topological materials and devices, qubit dephasing, Majorana fermions braiding

Device fabrication, transport and phase-sensitive Josephson measurements, magnetic imaging