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Agterberg, D. F., Davis, J. C. S., Edkins, S. D., Fradkin, E., Van Harlingen, D. J., Kivelson, S. A., Lee, P. A., Radzihovsky, L., Tranquada, J. M., & Wang, Y. (2020). The Physics of Pair-Density Waves: Cuprate Superconductors and beyond. Annual Review of Condensed Matter Physics, 11, 231-270.

Bhutani, A., Zhang, X., Behera, P., Thiruvengadam, R., Murray, S. E., Schleife, A., & Shoemaker, D. P. (2020). New Family of Anisotropic Zinc-Based Semiconductors in a Shallow Energy Landscape. Chemistry of Materials, 32(1), 326-332.

Bhutani, A., Zuo, J. L., McAuliffe, R. D., Dela Cruz, C. R., & Shoemaker, D. P. (2020). Strong anisotropy in the mixed antiferromagnetic system Mn1-xFexPSe3. Physical Review Materials, 4(3), [034411].

Bogdanov, S. I., Makarova, O. A., Xu, X., Martin, Z. O., Lagutchev, A. S., Olinde, M., Shah, D., Chowdhury, S. N., Gabidullin, A. R., Ryzhikov, I. A., Rodionov, I. A., Kildishev, A. V., Bozhevolnyi, S. I., Boltasseva, A., Shalaev, V. M., & Khurgin, J. B. (2020). Ultrafast quantum photonics enabled by coupling plasmonic nanocavities to strongly radiative antennas. Optica, 7(5), 463-469.

Campbell, R., Gupta, I., Heath, M., Ko, S. Y., Kozuch, M., Kunze, M., Kwan, T., Lai, K., Lee, H. Y., Lyons, M., Milojicic, D., O'Hallaron, D., & Soh, Y. C. (2020). Open cirrusTM cloud computing testbed: Federated data centers for open source systems and services research. Paper presented at 2009 Workshop on Hot Topics in Cloud Computing, HotCloud 2009, San Diego, United States.

Caspers, M., Junge, M., Sukochev, F., & Zanin, D. (2020). BMO-estimates for non-commutative vector valued Lipschitz functions. Journal of Functional Analysis, 278(3), [108317].

Ceyhan, F., & Faulkner, T. (2020). Recovering the QNEC from the ANEC. Communications in Mathematical Physics, 377(2), 999-1045.

Chauhan, P., Mahmood, F., Changlani, H. J., Koohpayeh, S. M., & Armitage, N. P. (2020). Tunable Magnon Interactions in a Ferromagnetic Spin-1 Chain. Physical review letters, 124(3).

Chen, K., Song, B., Ravichandran, N. K., Zheng, Q., Chen, X., Lee, H., Sun, H., Li, S., Gamage, G. A. G. U., Tian, F., Ding, Z., Song, Q., Rai, A., Wu, H., Koirala, P., Schmidt, A. J., Watanabe, K., Lv, B., Ren, Z., ... Chen, G. (2020). Ultrahigh thermal conductivity in isotope-enriched cubic boron nitride. Science, 367(6477), 555-559.

Chitambar, E., De Vicente, J. I., Girard, M. W., & Gour, G. (2020). Entanglement manipulation beyond local operations and classical communication. Journal of Mathematical Physics, 61(4), [042201].

Dinsmore, J., Draper, P., Kastor, D., Qiu, Y., & Traschen, J. (2020). Schottky anomaly of deSitter black holes. Classical and Quantum Gravity, 37(5), [054001].

Durkin, M., Garrido-Menacho, R., Gopalakrishnan, S., Jaggi, N. K., Kwon, J. H., Zuo, J. M., & Mason, N. (2020). Rare-region onset of superconductivity in niobium nanoislands. Physical Review B, 101(3), [035409].

Everhardt, A. S., Denneulin, T., Gr?m, A., Shao, Y. T., Ondrejkovic, P., Zhou, S., Domingo, N., Catalan, G., Hlinka, J., Zuo, J. M., Matzen, S., & Noheda, B. (2020). Temperature-independent giant dielectric response in transitional BaTiO3 thin films. Applied Physics Reviews, 7(1), [011402].

Gao, L., Junge, M., & Laracuente, N. (Accepted/In press). Relative entropy for von Neumann subalgebras. International Journal of Mathematics, [2050046].

Gonzales, A., & Chitambar, E. (2020). Bounds on Instantaneous Nonlocal Quantum Computation. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 66(5), 2951-2963. [8886512].

Gorelov, V., Holzmann, M., Ceperley, D. M., & Pierleoni, C. (2020). Energy Gap Closure of Crystalline Molecular Hydrogen with Pressure. Physical review letters, 124(11), [116401].

Gou, W., Chen, T., Xie, D., Xiao, T., Deng, T. S., Gadway, B., Yi, W., & Yan, B. (2020). Tunable Nonreciprocal Quantum Transport through a Dissipative Aharonov-Bohm Ring in Ultracold Atoms. Physical review letters, 124(7), [070402].


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