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Chen, W., Zhan, X., Yuan, R., Pidaparthy, S., Yong, A. X. B., An, H., Tang, Z., Yin, K., Patra, A., Jeong, H., Zhang, C., Ta, K., Riedel, Z. W., Stephens, R. M., Shoemaker, D. P., Yang, H., Gewirth, A. A., Braun, P. V., Ertekin, E., ... Chen, Q. (2023). Formation and impact of nanoscopic oriented phase domains in electrochemical crystalline electrodes. Nature Materials, 22(1), 92-99.

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Ghoshal, A., Mookerjee, R., & Sun, Z. (2023). Serving two masters? Optimizing mobile ad contracts with heterogeneous advertisers. Production and Operations Management, 32(2), 618-636.

Han, L., Chan, M., De Jong, D., Prosko, C., Badawy, G., Gazibegovic, S., Bakkers, E. P. A. M., Kouwenhoven, L. P., Malinowski, F. K., & Pfaff, W. (2023). Variable and Orbital-Dependent Spin-Orbit Field Orientations in an InSb Double Quantum Dot Characterized via Dispersive Gate Sensing. Physical Review Applied, 19(1), [014063].

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Lundblad, N., Aveline, D. C., Balaž, A., Bentine, E., Bigelow, N. P., Boegel, P., Efremov, M. A., Gaaloul, N., Meister, M., Olshanii, M., Sá de Melo, C. A. R., Tononi, A., Vishveshwara, S., White, A. C., Wolf, A., & Garraway, B. M. (2023). Perspective on quantum bubbles in microgravity. Quantum Science and Technology, 8(2), [024003].

Pan, C., Chien, E., Tabaghi, P., Peng, J., & Milenkovic, O. (Accepted/In press). Provably accurate and scalable linear classifiers in hyperbolic spaces. Knowledge and Information Systems.

Paul, S., Cruz, E., Dutta, A., Bhaumik, A., Blasch, E., Agha, G., Patterson, S., Kopsaftopoulos, F., & Varela, C. (Accepted/In press). Formal Verification of Safety-Critical Aerospace Systems. IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine, 1-14.

Qian, K., Apigo, D. J., Padavic, K., Ahn, K. H., Vishveshwara, S., & Prodan, C. (2023). Observation of Majorana-like bound states in metamaterial-based Kitaev chain analogs. Physical Review Research, 5(1), [L012012].

Qu, K., Riedel, Z. W., Sánchez-Ramírez, I., Bettler, S., Oh, J., Waite, E. N., Woods, T. J., Mason, N., Abbamonte, P., de Juan, F., Vergniory, M. G., & Shoemaker, D. P. (2023). Quasi-One-Dimensional Transition-Metal Chalcogenide Semiconductor (Nb4Se15I2)I2. Inorganic Chemistry, 62(7), 3067-3074.

Rana, V., Chien, E., Peng, J., & Milenkovic, O. (2023). Small-Sample Estimation of the Mutational Support and Distribution of SARS-CoV-2. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, 20(1), 668-682.

Roychowdhury, S., Yao, M., Samanta, K., Bae, S., Chen, D., Ju, S., Raghavan, A., Kumar, N., Constantinou, P., Guin, S. N., Plumb, N. C., Romanelli, M., Borrmann, H., Vergniory, M. G., Strocov, V. N., Madhavan, V., Shekhar, C., & Felser, C. (Accepted/In press). Anomalous Hall Conductivity and Nernst Effect of the Ideal Weyl Semimetallic Ferromagnet EuCd2As2. Advanced Science.

Sahoo, S., Davydov, V. A., Agafonov, V. N., & Bogdanov, S. I. (2023). Hybrid quantum nanophotonic devices with color centers in nanodiamonds [Invited]. Optical Materials Express, 13(1), 191-217.

Sharma, A. N., Levine, Z. H., Ritter, M. A., Kagalwala, K. H., Weissler, E. J., Goldschmidt, E. A., & Migdall, A. L. (2023). Photon echoes using atomic frequency combs in Pr:YSO - experiment and semiclassical theory. Optics Express, 31(3), 4899-4919.

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