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An, F. A., Padavic, K., Meier, E. J., Hegde, S., Ganeshan, S., Pixley, J. H., Vishveshwara, S., & Gadway, B. (2021). Interactions and Mobility Edges: Observing the Generalized Aubry-Andr?odel. Physical review letters, 126(4), [040603].

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Junge, M., Mei, T., Parcet, J., & Xia, R. (2021). Algebraic Calder?ygmund theory. Advances in Mathematics, 376, [107443].

Junge, M., Scheckter, T. T., & Sukochev, F. (2021). A noncommutative generalisation of a problem of Steinhaus. Journal of Functional Analysis, 280(2), [108782].

Karigerasi, M. H., Lam, B. H., Avdeev, M., & Shoemaker, D. P. (2021). Two-step magnetic ordering into a canted state in ferrimagnetic monoclinic Mn3As2. Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 294, [121901].

Lee, K., Choe, J., Iaia, D., Li, J., Zhao, J., Shi, M., Ma, J., Yao, M., Wang, Z., Huang, C. L., Ochi, M., Arita, R., Chatterjee, U., Morosan, E., Madhavan, V., & Trivedi, N. (2021). Metal-to-insulator transition in Pt-doped TiSe2 driven by emergent network of narrow transport channels. npj Quantum Materials, 6(1), [8].

Lend?z, S., Pearson, J. E., Hoffmann, A., Novosad, V., & Jungfleisch, M. B. (2021). Temperature-dependent collective magnetization reversal in a network of ferromagnetic nanowires. AIP Advances, 11(2), [025222].

Liu, X., Machado, R. A., & Milenkovic, O. (2021). Directed Intersection Representations and the Information Content of Digraphs. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 67(1), 347-357. [9236641].

Liu, C., Yan, X., Jin, D., Ma, Y., Hsiao, H-W., Lin, Y., Bretz-Sullivan, T. M., Zhou, X., Pearson, J., Fisher, B., Jiang, J. S., Han, W., Zuo, J-M., Wen, J., Fong, D. D., Sun, J., Zhou, H., & Bhattacharya, A. (2021). Two-dimensional superconductivity and anisotropic transport at KTaO3 (111) interfaces. Science (New York, N.Y.), 371(6530), 716-721.

Luo, Y., Liu, C., Saglam, H., Li, Y., Zhang, W., Zhang, S. S. L., Pearson, J. E., Fisher, B., Zhou, T., Bhattacharya, A., & Hoffmann, A. (2021). Distinguishing antiferromagnetic spin sublattices via the spin Seebeck effect. Physical Review B, 103(2), [L020401].

Lv, G., Jensen, E., Shen, C., Yang, K., Evans, C. M., & Cahill, D. G. (2021). Effect of Amine Hardener Molecular Structure on the Thermal Conductivity of Epoxy Resins. ACS Applied Polymer Materials, 3(1), 259-267.

Mahmood, F., Chaudhuri, D., Gopalakrishnan, S., Nandkishore, R., & Armitage, N. P. (Accepted/In press). Observation of a marginal Fermi glass. Nature Physics.

Murray, S. E., Lin, Y. Y., Sulekar, S. S., Gebre, M. S., Perry, N. H., & Shoemaker, D. P. (2021). Predicting transformations during reactive flash sintering in CuO and Mn2O3. Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 104(1), 76-85.

Pathak, S., Busemeyer, B., Rodrigues, J. N. B., & Wagner, L. K. (2021). Excited states in variational Monte Carlo using a penalty method. Journal of Chemical Physics, 154(3), [034101].


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