Assistant Professor Kejie Fang wins NSF CAREER award for his proposal on cavity-less optomechanics with macroscopic resonances.

Joseph Park | Illinois ECE


Next-generation single-photon source for quantum information science

Sandhya Sivakumar | Illinois Physics


Illinois researchers create first three-photon color-entangled W state

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have constructed a quantum-mechanical state in which the colors of three photons are entangled with each other. The state is a special combination, called a W state, that retains some entanglement even if one of the three photons is lost, which makes it useful for quantum communication. Such entangled states also enable novel quantum applications and tests of fundamental physics.

Mike Koon for Grainger Engineering


Smitha Vishveshwara elected APS Fellow

Siv Schwink | Illinois Physics


Nadya Mason named University Scholar

Siv Schwink | Illinois Physics


Illinois Physics researchers awarded DOE grants to advance quantum information science

Siv Schwink | Illinois Physics


Chicago Quantum Exchange partners with leading companies to advance research and education

Chicago Quantum Exchange


Tune in to the 2019 Illinois Quantum Computing Summer School at NCSA

NCSA will offer a remote broadcast of the Discovery Partners Institute’s 2019 Illinois Quantum Computing Summer School in NCSA 1030 June 17-20, 2019. Those interested in attending at NCSA are asked to RSVP by June 12, 2019.

The Illinois Quantum Computing Summer School is an immersive educational experience for learning the basic principles and current applications of quantum computing. The school is open to students, postdocs, and faculty, with the targeted audience being theoreticians who have some background in classical computing but little expertise in quantum computation. The curriculum is designed to provide a “ground-up” introduction to the subject.

View the full schedule. Questions may be directed to Jay Roloff,

Quantum Entanglement and Quantum Information Workshop

The Institute for Condensed Matter Theory will host a conference July 15-19, 2019 in 276 Loomis, Urbana, IL on applications and aspects of tensor networks and entanglement (broadly construed). The conference is supported by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.  The goal of the conference is to promote discussion and interaction from a diverse range of viewpoints on topics ranging from the use of tensor networks as a conceptual language for quantum information and computation to the nuts and bolts of implementing tensor network algorithms. The conference will consist of interactive chalkboard talks (i.e. no powerpoint) with significant audience participation (discussion and interruption from the audience.) There is no fee to attend, but we still ask you to register here for catering numbers:

Tentative list of Invited Speakers:
Mike Levin
Isaac Kim
Tom Faulkner
Curt von Keyserlingk
Andreas Ludwig
Roger Mong
Steve White
Romain Vasseur
Vedika Khemani
Bela Bauer


Northwestern University joins Chicago Quantum Exchange

UChicago News


The New York Times


A science-themed escape room gives the brain a workout

Science News


Chicago Quantum Exchange, IBM Q Network partner to advance quantum computing

University of Illinois News


The next great scientific and technological revolution: quantum information science

Siv Schwink | Illinois Physics


PODCAST: Quantum Information Science — The Next “Space Race”

Mike Koon interviews Paul Kwiat and Brian DeMarco 


Illinois joins UChicago, national labs in quantum collaboration

University of Illinois News


Universities, national laboratories join forces to push Chicago into lead on quantum technology

UChicago News


New center to accelerate quantum information science and engineering

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